GSU Simplifies Transfer Procedures

University Park, IL–(ENEWSPF)– Community college students preparing to complete their education at Governors State University will benefit from a tool that significantly streamlines academic planning, course selection, and other key aspects of the transfer process. New degree audit software will enable students and GSU advisors to effectively evaluate academic progress and determine how to best fulfill requirements for baccalaureate degrees.

“We now have a process and systems in place that support the scanning of undergraduate applicant transcripts, the evaluation of coursework, and the application of transfer credit to any undergraduate program offered at GSU,” said Dr. Carol Cortilet-Albrecht, assistant vice president of enrollment services.

GSU’s Degree Audit Committee has been working for a year on a process to speed up the transfer of credits and other information. The new process was successfully tested in September and the university has already begun processing the transfer coursework of students who have applied for admission to GSU for the winter term.

Templates for transcripts from 15 college feeder schools were built into the system, and requirements for all GSU undergraduate programs were developed into program shells. General education requirements and core course equivalents from more than 40 other colleges were also entered into the degree audit system.

“I want to express sincere thanks to the degree audit team for accomplishing significant strategic goals on time – in fact, earlier than scheduled – and under budget,” remarked GSU Executive Vice President Gebe Ejigu. “This achievement is an important example of excellent teamwork and creative problem-solving to improve service to our students.”