Governor Quinn Files Application for Federal Education Funding

CHICAGO–(ENEWSPF)–August 17, 2010. Governor Pat Quinn has filed Illinois’ Education Jobs Grant application with the federal government to access $415 million in education funding. The funding is part of the $26 billion state aid package that President Barack Obama signed into law last week. The federal government estimates these funds will save 5,700 Illinois teaching jobs.

“This important federal funding will keep teachers employed and is vital to Illinois’ economic recovery,” said Governor Quinn. “In a matter of weeks, Illinois will have this money so that many of our hard-working teachers of our state can get back to work ensuring students receive the best education possible.”

The federal guidelines require states use the money for compensation and employee benefits that support education. School districts will have the ability to hire back teachers who have been laid off, retain current teachers and hire new teachers. All educators are covered, including social workers, counselors, speech pathologists and librarians.

Under the Education Jobs Fund program, states must submit applications to the federal government to access available grant money.

President Barack Obama signed the $26 billion state aid package into law last week. The legislation also provides up to $550 million for Illinois’ Medicaid programs.