A Piece Of The Pie Isn’t Enough. Students Need It All

PIES in library
enior Theology students are served pie in the Marian Catholic Library as part of an instructional unit on life balance. Students left to right are John Waldron (Tinley Park), Adam Bergen (Orland Park), Trisha Gopalakrishnan (Munster, Ind.), and Kiayla Jackson (Sauk Village). Serving pie is Sue Silander, and the pie cutter is Eileen Edmisten (Park Forest, Eternal Green Bay Packer Fan). (PHOTO SUPPLIED)

Chicago Heights, IL–(ENEWSPF)– Students eating pie in the school library during class time may seem out of the ordinary, but for Linda Hansen’s Senior Theology classes at Marian Catholic, it’s a tradition.

Four years of Theology are required at Marian Catholic, with studies ranging from Social Issues and Ethics, Marriage and the Family, Christian Lifestyles, World Religions, and Discovery in Service. Hansen’s seniors take an opportunity to look at how our lives are balanced among our Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual (PIES) needs.

Physical needs are made up of food, clothing, shelter, health and safety, while Intellectual needs include studies, reading, news, travel, hobbies and interests, plus jobs and careers. Add in Emotional needs like relationships (family, friends, others), self-esteem, self-confidence, understanding identity and intimacy, and finally, Spiritual needs of prayer, silence & solitude (time to discover your soul), scripture, sacraments, nature, service, music, church and community, and a well-rounded, balanced life is achieved.

“Our lives become unbalanced and less fulfilling when we concentrate our energy in only one or two areas, and ignore other important areas in our lives,” said Hansen. “As these young men and women graduate from Marian and go on to college life, it’s crucial that they learn the importance of balancing their lives, keeping Christ at the center.”

At the end of the instructional unit, students gather in the library for class, and share slices of pie served by Librarians, Sue Silander and Eileen Edmisten.

“The Marian Catholic Library is more than just an educational resource for our students,” Silander explained. “We embrace the opportunity to support classroom instruction with special events and activities designed to enhance the learning experience. Serving pies at the end of the senior theology unit is a great way to practice what we preach:  Christ-centered community.”