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Rep. Kelly Denounces “Republican Extremists” Who Delayed Passage of National Defense Authorization Act 

Washington, D.C.-(ENEWSPF)- Denouncing “Republican extremists,” Congresswoman Robin Kelly noted the passage Friday of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Congress must pass the NDAA annually as it determines policy for the Defense Department.

The House passed the NDAA in a near-party-line vote of 219-210. The legislation has passed Congress for over six decades, typically with broad bipartisan support.

“This year, Republican Extremists have chosen to derail the NDAA with amendments designed to restrict reproductive healthcare, deny trans servicemembers gender-affirming care, and undermine global security,” Rep. Kelly said.

“I stand with our servicemembers and our security partners across the globe,” she continued. “Despite my efforts and the efforts of my colleagues, House Republicans have transformed a crucial investment in our courageous servicemen and servicewomen into a dangerous and irresponsible political expedition.

“This legislation, as amended, infringes upon a woman’s right to access abortion care but also discriminates against LGBTQ+ members of the military and bans books for military families,” Congresswoman Kelly said.

“This NDAA does not adequately honor the sacrifices our troops make every day to protect our freedom and keep us safe. The American people deserve a bill that strengthens our security without stripping away critical rights. I voted no on this package because my constituents deserve better,” she said.