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Anti-Abortion Extremism Is Scaring Voters—Even the Conservative Ones

As conservative Kansas just showed, most voters simply don’t want politicians making personal medical decisions for them. (Credit: NowThis News / YouTube) ENEWSPF – Curated CommentaryBy MITCHELL ZIMMERMAN Our country may be divided on the issue of abortion. But when it comes down to it, most Americans believe that it’s a[Read More…]

John Lewis, Robin Kelly, sit-in gun control

To Honor John Lewis, Progressives Say, ‘End the Filibuster’ and Pass Voting Rights Legislation

Congressman John Lewis and Congresswoman Robin Kelly take to the floor of the House in 2016, literally, to call for stronger gun control measures. (PHOTO SUPPLIED) “Remembering and celebrating John Lewis today is important,” said Rep. Cori Bush. “Abolishing the filibuster to secure the right to vote for everyone is[Read More…]

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