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“President Biden took a well-deserved victory lap,” Rep. Kelly Says of #SOTU

Washington, D.C.-(ENEWSPF)- Congresswoman Robin Kelly, who represents Park Forest in the United States House of Representatives, lauded President Biden for taking the “well-deserved victory lap” during his State of the Union Address [#SOTU]. While political analysts expressed concern that Biden was not up to the task for the heralded speech, the President was on fire Thursday night. He responded quickly and pointedly as some Republicans in the chamber occasionally jeered.

“President Biden took a well-deserved victory lap, touting the implementation of the

  • Bipartisan Infrastructure Law,
  • Inflation Reduction Act,
  • CHIPS Act,
  • Science Act,
  • PACT Act,
  • Bipartisan Safer Communities Act,

and much more,” Rep. Kelly said in a statement Friday.

“President Biden’s leadership is essential to ensuring continued prosperity at home and restoring global stability. I’m eager to continue working with President Biden to build on this progress and move our country even farther forward,” the Congresswoman said.

Victory Lap: Biden’s Key Issues

Congresswoman Robin Kelly voiced strong support for President Joe Biden, commending his commitment to several key issues facing the United States today. Kelly praised Biden’s dedication to reproductive rights, highlighting the importance of this stance at a time when these freedoms are increasingly threatened. She underscored the connection between the assault on reproductive health access and the deepening crisis of maternal mortality, especially among Black women, deeming Biden’s recommitment to reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy as “inspiring.”

Kelly also expressed her approval of Biden’s efforts to combat gun violence. She noted the significance of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, the most substantial gun safety legislation passed in over thirty years, as a critical step toward ending the gun violence epidemic. However, Kelly emphasized the need for further action and voiced her intention to work closely with the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention to ensure community safety.

On the international front, Kelly shared Biden’s concerns regarding global security, particularly the situation in Ukraine. She criticized the delay in aid to Ukraine due to internal disputes among House Republicans, calling it “unacceptable.” Kelly conveyed her support for Biden’s stance on standing with Ukraine and opposing autocratic leaders like Vladimir Putin, reflecting a bipartisan consensus on the matter.

Kelly’s remarks paint a picture of solid support for President Biden’s agenda, highlighting her optimism for the nation’s future under his leadership. She affirmed the union’s strength and expressed eagerness to collaborate with Biden’s administration to benefit American families.

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