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UN Foundation, Planned Parenthood Federation of America & Sierra Club Launch Why We Care Youth to Amplify Young Voices on Critical Importance of International Reproductive Health and Contraception

First-ever contest gives emerging leaders a platform to share their personal stories about reproductive health and rights as part of growing movement

Washington, DC –(ENEWSPF)—June 30, 2015. The United Nations Foundation’s Universal Access Project, in partnership with Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the Sierra Club, announced the first-ever Why We Care Youth contest today. Why We Care Youth serves as a platform for young people living in the U.S. to share what access to reproductive health and contraception has personally meant to them, and why U.S. policymakers should care about expanding access around the world.

Young people aged 18-25 can share their story and enter the contest in three ways: through a brief written piece, through a photo essay, or through a short video. Winning entries will be chosen in each category, and the three winners will get to attend events around the UN General Assembly in New York. Participants can submit entries through until August 17th. Winners will be announced on August 25th. 

There are few decisions more personal – or more critical – than whether or when to have a child. But for some, it’s not a decision at all. In the U.S., attacks on access to contraception have made headlines. And around the world, there are approximately 225 million girls and women who want to delay pregnancy, but aren’t using modern contraceptives. Unintended pregnancies can result in girls dropping out of school, being unable to pursue an income, and in some cases, facing complications that result in long-term disability or even death.

But with increased funding from the U.S. and other donors, we have the power to change this reality for girls and women. Fortunately, there is growing momentum around this issue, as leaders around the world – including young people – speak out on the critical importance of contraception to their own lives and to other pressing global development issues. 

“We have heard over and over from young Americans that access to family planning matters to them – and they believe it should be a universal right for all. Everyone has a different reason for caring about family planning, but one thing is clear: No matter where you live, if you can’t plan your family, you can’t plan your life. That’s why it’s important that we launch this contest, so that young people can share their own stories, and raise their voices for the needs and rights of individuals around the world,” said Seema Jalan, Senior Director of the UN Foundation’s Universal Access Project. 

“Young people today recognize that being able to decide whether and when to have children is one of the single greatest factors in their ability to get an education, stay in school, and pursue a career,” said Cecile Richards, president, Planned Parenthood Action Fund. “Yet attacks on access continue, at home and abroad. Why We Care Youth is a powerful platform for young people — the largest generation ever — to share what access to reproductive health and contraception has meant to them, and why U.S. policymakers should care about not only ensuring access to birth control in the U.S., but expanding access around the world.”

“Healthy people and a healthy planet go hand in hand. To guarantee both, we must ensure that women are educated, empowered, and have the tools they need to plan their families. A woman’s level of access to affordable contraceptives is innately tied to her ability to adapt to a changing climate, the opportunity to attend school impacts community resource management and economic vitality. That’s why this contest is so important. By raising our voices for women around the world, we can help make life better and safer for all women and we can help our planet, too” said A. Tianna Scozzaro, Director of the Sierra Club’s Global Population and Environment Program. 

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