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Could Donald Trump Be Exhibiting Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease?

OREGON—(ENEWSPF)—August 17, 2016.  Sean Hannity, one of the darlings of the ‘FAUX’ news channel, has been spinning a conspiracy theory relating to Hillary Clinton’s health.  According to Hannity, there are medical documents allegedly leaked from Hillary Clinton’s physician that claim Clinton has “grave health problems.” Dr. Lisa Bardack, Clinton’s long-time physician and Chairperson of the Department of Medicine at CareMount Medical, has discredited this claim about these false documents.  Specifically, Dr. Bardack says:

“As Secretary Clinton’s long time physician, I released a medical statement during the campaign indicating that she is in excellent health.  I have recently been made aware of allegedly ‘leaked’ medical documents regarding Secretary Clinton with my name on them. These documents are false, were not written by me and are not based on any medical facts. To reiterate what I said in my previous statement, Secretary Clinton is in excellent health and fit to serve as President of the United States.”

Hillary Clinton’s actual medical records with the concluding summary can be found at this link.

While Donald Trump’s physician, Dr. Harold Bornstein, claims that ‘Donald Trump will be the healthiest president in the history of the United States,’ no “real” medical records that substantiate this claim have been released even though Trump said long ago that the medical records would be forthcoming.

The one issue that gets glossed over regarding Trump’s health is that his father, Fred, suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease before his death in 1999. According to the Alzheimer Association:

“Those who have a parent, brother, sister or child with Alzheimer’s are more likely to develop the disease.”

According to Dr. Bornstein, “all of Mr. Trump’s medical tests are positive.”  However, Dr. Bornstein fails to indicate exactly what tests he performed on Trump.  Since genetic tests are available to detect the genes that directly cause Alzheimer’s, has such a genetic test been given to Trump?

The Alzheimer’s Association indicates that a slow decline in memory, thinking and reasoning skills are symptoms of Alzheimer’s or another dementia.  Clearly, from the behavior Trump has exhibited during this election one could reasonably conclude that Trump’s behavior appears to be consistent with the symptoms of early onset Alzheimer’s Disease or some other form of dementia.

Steve King wrote an excellent article on The Donald’s behavior on the campaign trail, comparing it to the symptoms for Alzheimer’s.  Based on King’s analysis, it might not be too far off the mark to consider that Fred Trump gave more to his son than millions of dollars. You can read King’s article at:

So Mr. Hannity, why are you not questioning Donald Trump’s health?

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