Brookings Institution on Colorado’s Legalization of Marijuana: ‘Resounding Success’

Brookings Institution on Colorado's Legalization of Marijuana: 'Resounding Success'Washington, D.C.—(ENEWSPF)—August 8, 2014. The Brookings Institution has issued a report entitled ‘Colorado’s Rollout of Legal Marijuana is Succeeding’, analyzing the first six months of Colorado’s legalized cannabis commerce and taxation policies, which voters approved by ballot initiative in November 2012.

Author John Hudak calls the implementation of the new Colorado law “a resounding success.” He continues, “My research shows that regardless of the merits of the policy itself, Colorado has created a smart regulatory system that balances safety and security with access to legal marijuana.”

The report’s conclusion: “Among the many successful pieces of Colorado’s regulatory system are effective seed-to-sale product tracking, a vertically integrated market, and strict limits on purchase quantity”. Despite a largely successful rollout of the policy, however, the report details a few trouble spots that the author thinks lie ahead for the new system, including “homegrown” plants and the different tax rates between retail and medical marijuana.

The Drug Policy Alliance published a similar report in early July.