Veterans of Occupy Pittsburgh Join Holiday Parade

Pitssburgh, PA–(ENEWSPF)–November 11, 2011.  The Veterans of Occupy Pittsburgh will march in the 2011 Veterans’ Day Parade alongside of other Pro-Vet/Anti-War Occupiers.  They hope to raise awareness about veterans’ issues like undiagnosed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Military Sexual Trauma and homelessness.

  • Veterans make up about one-fifth of our nation’s homeless population. 
  • One in eight combat veterans suffer from PTSD, but less than half receive care for their condition.
  • One out of three women are raped while serving in the U.S. Military. 

A selection from Occupy Pittsburgh’s poetic Anti-War Statement reads:

War is trauma.

War is pain.

War wounds.

Yet when we return from these hells we have experienced, with


Stress disorders,

Traumatic Brain Injury,

Military Sexual Trauma, from the epidemic of rape in the military,

Missing limbs, physical disabilities,

We are not given the care and treatment we need.

Oh no! The government would have to pay for all that.

We are instead too often labeled as having “Repressive Anger,”

Or are informed that we suffer from preexisting conditions

So as to remain without care and treatment

So the nation and the corporations can continue extracting profit.

The parade will begin at 10:30am on November 11th at the intersection of 11th Street and Liberty Avenue.  The route moves down Grant Street, onto the Boulevard of the Allies and ends at the former State Office building.     

#1 Mellon Green
Grant St. & Sixth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

General Information: 724-343-1433 • [email protected]