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Third of Three Charged with DUIs: Police – She Drove in Wrong Lane

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- This is the final article covering the week of July 18 through July 24, 2023—a busy time for police on the road and answering calls. We start with the third of three DUIs police charged during that period. This week’s reports also included a citation charging a dog bite and an arrest charging domestic battery.

Three DUIs? We prefer none.

Three DUIs for three different people are rare in Park Forest. There are weeks without any such charges. We run booking photos for people charged with DUI, whether a week includes one, two, or three DUIs. See here for an explanation of why, in a group of reports where police arrested no one on DUI charges in a week. Remembering our former student Justin, we’re glad none of those accused during this week hurt anyone, including themselves.

Park Forest Police Blotter Reports Through July 24, 2023 – Part III

Third of Three People Charged with DUIs

Chiquita C. Walton is the third of three people charged with DUIs in one week.
Chiquita C. Walton is the third of three people charged with DUIs in one week.(Photo: PFPD)

Police arrested Chiquita C. Walton, 39, 4000 W. 14th St., Burnham, IL, on July 23 and charged her with driving in the wrong lane, improper lane usage, driving under the influence of alcohol, and a DUI with a BrAC greater than .08.

An officer on patrol at 2:33 AM traveling westbound on Sauk Trail from Orchard Drive saw a vehicle traveling eastbound in the westbound lane of Sauk Trail. The car was driving towards the officer’s squad, according to police.

As the vehicle got closer to the officer’s car, it veered into the center two-way turn lane and regained the eastbound traffic lane, according to police. The officer identified the vehicle as a Chrysler Town and Country van, according to police.

Conducting a U-turn and catching up to the van, the officer noted that it was heading eastbound, splitting the two lanes of traffic, according to police.

Activating the emergency lighting on his patrol vehicle, the officer attempted to curb the van. The Chrysler began to brake and pull over, according to police. While pulling over, the van struck the curb near Osage Street and started driving with the two passenger tires on the front lawn of a home in the 300 block of Osage Street. The Chrysler then maneuvered back onto the roadway and abruptly stopped on Sauk Trail near Osage Street, according to police.

Driver Apologizes

According to the report, the officer approached the Chrysler and spoke with the driver, later identified as Chiquita Walton. The officer asked if she was okay, and she replied she was. The officer asked Ms. Walton what happened. She said she ran over the curb, according to police.

Ms. Walton told the officer that she had just left the family party for her late son, according to police. Ms. Walton then apologized repeatedly and became emotional, according to the report.

She provided the officer with an Indiana Identification Card and her insurance, according to police.

While speaking with her, the officer noted a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her breath, according to police. Ms. Walton also allegedly had bloodshot, glassy eyes and slurred speech, according to police. According to the report, the officer then explained that he stopped her because she was driving on the wrong side of the road. Ms. Walton told the officer she thought she was in the correct lanes, according to police.

Third of Three DUIs, Each Driver Received One

After conducting a computer inquiry, the officer learned that Ms. Walton had a valid Illinois Driver’s License, according to police. The officer asked her to complete a Standardized Field Sobriety Test, and Ms. Walton agreed. After the tests, the officer took Ms. Walton into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence. At 3:27 a.m., according to the report, Ms. Walton submitted a breath sample yielding a .188 BrAC.

Animal Bite

Police issued George J. Hansel, 52, 167 Nashua St., Park Forest, a municipal ordinance citation on July 24 charging animal bite and another municipal citation charging animal at large.

A woman was doing her routine morning walk when she came near the intersection of Indianwood Boulevard and Nashua Street. She saw a dog aggressively charging at her. The dog bit her as she walked away from it, according to police.

The woman tried to get the owner’s attention but could not because he was cutting the grass, according to police. She cautiously walked away from the dog to the Park Forest Police Department, according to police.

An officer responded to the dog owner’s home and spoke with George Hansel, the dog’s owner. According to the report, Mr. Hansel said he was cutting the grass and was unaware that his two dogs, both German Shepherds, got out of his home. Mr. Hensel said he attempted to get the woman’s attention but could not because she had headphones on, according to police.

The responding officer issued Mr. Hensel the municipal citations and provided him a date for a mandatory court appearance, according to police.

Domestic Battery

Police arrested Matthew A. Stuckey, 40, 510 Illinois St., Park Forest, and charged him with one count of domestic battery.

Officers responded to the 500 block of Illinois At 1106. The complainant said Mr. Stuckey had been playing music on his phone late at night. She asked him to go to another room because she had to get up early and wanted to sleep, according to police. The complainant said she began to push Mr. Stuckey to get him out of the bed, according to police.

According to the report, Mr. Stuckey allegedly grabbed her by the throat. The complainant said Mr. Stuckey reportedly began to choke her, picked her up, and threw her onto the floor, according to police.

According to the report, the complainant said she did not lose consciousness but found breathing difficult. She said she did not wish to sign criminal complaints against Mr. Stuckey, but she did want him to leave for the evening because “he only acts like this when he has been drinking alcohol,” according to the report.

Domestic Disturbance – No Arrests

Police responded to a report of a domestic disturbance in the 2800 block of Western Avenue on July 26 at 2:29 a.m. There were no arrests.

About Police Reports

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