Rogers Park Parents and Students Demand to be Heard by Chicago Public Schools Transportation Department: “Our Children Deserve To Be Safe”

Rogers Park –(ENEWSPF)–December 8, 2015.   On Thursday morning, December 10, Rogers Park community parents and students, who lost Gale school as a bus stop invite the media to walk the mile to their new bus stop, where they will hold a press conference.  The walk and press conference will bring attention to the fact they have been ignored on a matter of urgency for their children. Chicago Public School children were assigned new bus stops without discussion and input from parents.

The walk will start at 5:50 am, the time that students now must begin their walk to the new bus site, at Gale school 1631 W Jonquil Terrace, the former bus site.  The culminating press conference will take place at 6:20 am at Field School 7019 N. Ashland, the current bus stop.

In October 2015, Rogers Park parents sent a letter to Martin Ellinger, head of Cps Transportation requesting a meeting. A form letter was sent back, which offered no remedy for the situation.  We delivered letters from community members and the children affected, and still received no response.

“CPS isn’t listening to us.  We invited them to take this half hour walk with us, but no response.  Our children are walking in the dark, crossing gang lines, when other people haven’t even gotten out of bed!  Then they do it again in the afternoon.  My children are exhausted.  How can they be expected to succeed, when they need to wake up at 5 am every morning?” said Shannon Phillips, an impacted parent.