Prairie State College Graduate Finally Meets Lifetime Goal of Getting an Education

Mirtha Williams
Mirtha Williams. (PHOTO SUPPLIED)

Chicago Heights, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Prairie State College (PSC) 2009 graduate Mirtha Williams always has been interested in helping people. And, she has succeeded in helping people throughout her adult life in various ways: as a wife, mother, Sunday school teacher, and ministry advisor. It wasn’t until she started school at PSC in 2004 that she started on a path to helping people through a career in social work.

Since graduating with an associate degree from PSC, Williams enrolled in and completed her bachelor’s degree from Chicago State University, and will begin the master’s degree program in social work at Chicago State University in the fall.

Williams said she always wanted to get an education growing up, but financial aid wasn’t available to her when she was first of college age. “In Arkansas, at that time, if you didn’t have the money, you couldn’t go to college,” she said.

At age 55, Williams, then a resident of Country Club Hills, finally was able to start on the road to completing her goals, and enrolled at PSC. At PSC, she was a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society. She continued to achieve academic excellence in her bachelor’s program, maintaining honors status throughout the program, and receiving an Exceptional Merit Award from the Continuing Education and Nontraditional Degree Programs at Chicago State University.

Williams said her time at PSC made transition to Chicago State University much easier.

“I knew so much when I got there. The things I learned at PSC made me ready for Chicago State University. I was prepared,” she said. “PSC was the basis for all my success.”

“I applaud all of the professors for their dedication and hard work, and I will hold Prairie State College in my memory always,” she added.

Though she will be 66 when she graduates the master’s program at Chicago State University, Williams hopes to work at least part time after graduation.

“I learned never to say what you’re going to do in the future, because you never know. But, if everything goes well, I would like to be a social worker when I am finished,” she said.

She adds that no matter what the future brings, her education already has made an impact in her life.

“What I’ve learned helps me in my church already. It helps me better understand why people act the way they act,” she said.

“When you understand why people react the way they do, you can better accept them,” she added.