Forest Trail Welcomes 100 Business Professionals For Career Day

Paul Heid as Spiderman
Paul Heid, an information technician at Adler Planetarium, talked to Forest Trail students about web sites and web design wearing a Spiderman outfit that he designed on the computer. Heid stressed the importance of mathematics in his work during his Career Day visit. (PHOTO SUPPLIED)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Forest Trail Middle School welcomed some 100 business professionals to school to share their education and career experiences with students for Forest Trail’s annual Career Day.

The day has been coordinated by Nikki Gravely, teacher assistant at Forest Trail, for the last seven years. Ms. Gravely said that she begins to plan for the next Career Day after the current Career Day has ended. “I never stop planning,” said Ms. Gravel. “It is a year round project for me. I enjoy watching the students and staff as they meet the different presenters. I always try to add something different each year. I travel to different places throughout the suburbs and  in Chicago to line up the presenters. I think the Career Day gets better each year. All of the presenters that have come to share their stories with the students have been great. They interact very well with the students and the students enjoy them.”

Ms. Gravely went on to say, “Hilda Rose, building assistant at Forest Trail, prepares the food. She makes sure that the food  is correctly seasoned. She does all of the cooking and the shopping for the food and the decorations for the tables. Mrs. Rose has worked on Career Day with me for seven years. The presenters always ask if she is cooking.”