District 162 Recognizes Students With Perfect Attendance

Matteson, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Matteson School District 162 and the Board of Education recently honored 101 students who had two or more years of perfect attendance.

7 Years

Gianna Baker-Huth Middle School

6 Years

Angel Anderson-Huth Middle School
Makiya Caldwell-Illinois School

5 Years

Kaitlyn Barksdale-Illinois School
Thaddeus Agunloye-Indiana School
Tobbias Agunloye-Indiana School

4 Years

Trevor Evans-Huth Middle School
Kennedy Barksdale-Illinois School
Makari Caldwell-Illinois School
Myah Sherman-Illinois School
Gavina Carmona-Indiana School
Ruth Williams-Sauk School

3 Years

Sophia lam-Huth Middle School
Majestic Lee-Huth Middle School
Demaree Lynch-Huth Middle School
Nicholas Moody-Huth Middle School
Daniela Rohas-Huth Middle School
Christopher Ujiagbe-Huth Middle School
Loren Walls-Huth Middle School
Kaelyn Whiteside-Huth Middle School
Kassidy Wilson-Huth Middle School
Gregory Foster-Illinois School
Bakairi Mcghee-Illinois School
Salayah Roinson-Illinois School
Makiah Sherman-Illinois School
Corey Stubbs-Illinois School
Alana Williams-Illinois School
Anthony Courtney-Indiana School
Tobias Davis-Indiana School
Ajah Lucas-Indiana School
Jayvin Coffie-Matteson School
Alvalyn Dixon-Matteson School
Deanna Greenhill-Matteson School
Katelyn Gross-Matteson School
Jamya Harrington-Matteson School
Harris Williams-Matteson School
Jaya Coffie-Sauk School
Jasmine Haley-Sauk School
Tyshon Yates-Sauk School

2 Years

Terenz Bonner-Arcadia School
Terynce Bonner-Arcadia School
Antwon Coleman-Arcadia School
Trinity Davis-Arcadia School
Shellie Douyon-Arcadia School
Chinemelum Iloegbunam-Arcadia School
Amiyah Mcghee-Arcadia School
Brandon Mensah-Arcadia School
Carlton Mensah-Arcadia School
Kailyn Smith-Arcadia School
Kayla Sydnor-Arcadia School
Tochi Ufomba-Arcadia School
Shaun-mykhai Adetunji-Huth Middle School
Rashard Blakemore-Huth Middle School
Morgan Brunson-Huth Middle School
Nicole Carter-Huth Middle School
Quenton Coleman-Huth Middle School
Kaysha Debose-Huth Middle School
Cashay Drake-Huth Middle School
Leigha Fowler-Huth Middle School
Kyari Harris-Huth Middle school
Nijah Hawkins-Huth Middle School
Myles Howard-Huth Middle School
Kiara Jordan-Huth Middle School
Shaun Mcclinton-Huth Middle School
Chimaobi Ndukwe-Huth Middle School
Jalen Oldham-Huth Middle School
Kaleah Phelps-Huth Middle School
Arriyana Plaxico-Huth Middle School
Amy Sam Kwarteng-Huth Middle School
Zavier Sanders-Huth Middle School
Salimat Solebo-Huth Middle School
Alexus Sturdivent-Huth Middle School
Nikeria Taylor-Huth Middle School
Carter Thornton Carter-Huth Middle School
Jordan Towery-Huth Middle School
Rhyana Washington-Huth Middle School
Mayowa Alao-Illinois School
Andres Perez-Illinois School
Keylin Sharkey-Illinois School
Tyler Sharkey-Illinois School
Janiece Williams-Illinois School
Ravyn Austin-Indiana School
Patrice Buchanan-Indiana School
Tony Coleman-Indiana School
Edward Couch-Indiana School
Tyler Davis-Indiana School
Matthew Foxworth-Indiana School
Julian Garcia-Indiana School
Justin Garcia-Indiana School
Chioma Iloegbunam-Indiana School
Preston Jones-Indiana School
Dshyyah Miller-Indiana School
Alayah Robinson-Indiana School
Ivy Weihert-Indiana School
Alex Willis-Indiana School
Mary Margarette Degusman-Sauk School
Kyle McCartan-Sauk School