Health Care Reform

Online Tool Kit, Other Info Available for Important Health Insurance Debate

Pittsburgh, PA –(ENEWSPF)– Our health insurance system is broken. Skyrocketing health care costs are straining family budgets, threatening American businesses’ viability, and exploding our national deficit. Even Americans with good insurance are finding that they are paying more and more out of pocket for premiums, deductibles, co-payments and they are getting less for what they pay. If we fail to act now, everyone’s health care coverage will be in jeopardy.

This is a critically important issue and all of us need to have a voice in the debate. Congress needs to hear from us that we need real health insurance reform that will save our economy and help all Americans. Click here to visit our health care tool kit for more information.

You’ve more than likely heard about the disruptions at health insurance reform town halls all across America. Reforming our health care system is serious business and it deserves serious, respectable, legitimate debate.

Please help us ensure this happens. Visit our health care tool kit where you can download talking points and fact sheets, find a town hall meeting near you and print flyers and other helpful materials. There, you’ll find the truth about everything from the euthanasia to abortion.

Remember, these meetings are about community activism. Our goal is to encourage respectful debate. We don’t want to engage in shouting matches, physical altercations or any other activity that distracts from the real issue. Click here to download a flyer you can pass out at the meetings to call for respect and peace.

Also, Health Care for America Now has a lot of information on its Web site, including about events and other actions with which you can get involved.

If you can’t make it to a town-hall meeting, you can also write your member of Congress and ask for his or her support for health insurance reform. Click here to write a letter in support, or contact your Rapid Response coordinator for more information.

Source: USW.ORG