USW Lauds Proposal to Create Jobs by Investing in America

Pittsburgh, PA–(ENEWSPF)–September 27, 2011.   

U.S. Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.) came to the United Steelworkers’ headquarters today to announce the introduction of new legislation that would create jobs by investing in new energy technologies, manufacturing and construction.

In making the announcement, Doyle was joined by USW International President Leo W. Gerard, members of the BlueGreen Alliance and the environmental organization, PennFuture.

Doyle said his bill, the American Energy, Infrastructure and Manufacturing Jobs Act (AIM) would create jobs, make U.S. industries more competitive internationally, improve the quality of life in the United States and help Americans acquire needed new skills and jobs.

“By providing essential investments and national policies that spur U.S. demand and create good jobs, AIM can promote economic recovery and help struggling workers,” Doyle said.

“We can create millions of good jobs, win the global competition for clean energy and energy-efficient green technology, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and ensure we uphold our promise to leave the next generation a better economic and environmental legacy.”

Doyle said his legislation is not an alternative to the American Jobs Act recently proposed by President Obama but would complement it by focusing on manufacturing, construction and energy technology.

The proposed legislation would make major new investments in the nation’s infrastructure including renewable energy, manufacturing, transportation, and modernizing schools and other public buildings, homes and businesses to be more energy efficient.

Gerard said AIM can solve America’s job crisis.

“For America to win the jobs and industries of the future, we need action now, and we join with Congressman Doyle today to say that the AIM Act is just the plan we need,” Gerard said.

The act would employ a wide variety of policy tools to achieve its goals including competitive grants, direct loans, loan guarantees, tax credits, energy-efficiency standards, model building codes, energy-efficiency rebates and requirements that the manufacturing carried out under the bill be done in the United States.

Doyle said he hopes AIM will attract bipartisan support in Congress. He acknowledged that the bill would spend money but he said the investment in America will be worth the cost.

“I’m willing to invest money in my friends and neighbors and neighbors who don’t have jobs right now,” the congressman said.