OccupyDallas: Flash Mob Descends on Rosa Parks Plaza

Dallas, TX—(ENEWSPF)–November 4, 2011.  More than a dozen OccupyDallas protesters took part in a flash mob Friday at Rosa Parks Plaza to protest the violence perpetrated against peaceful demonstrators around the world. Around 2:15 p.m., protesters who covered their clothes in fake blood ‘dropped dead’ in the middle of the plaza. Meanwhile, a masked protester spoke to on-lookers about the thousands who have been killed overseas in violent attacks conducted by police and military.

Since the beginning of their occupation, members of the OccupyDallas movement have employed a wide variety of protest tactics to spread their message. Rallied together in opposition to corporate greed and the influence of private money on politics, protesters continue to occupy City Hall Park and use the downtown location as a base for protests throughout the city. The protest today highlighted issues concerning the violence which has been carried out on peaceful civilian protesters in countries around the world. From Boston to Oakland, police have employed excessive force in breaking up protests. In countries around the world, police have responded violently to protesters. An estimated 30,000 protesters have been killed during the ‘Arab Spring’ revolutions. In Syria alone, an estimated 4,027 protesters have been killed since their movement began in late January. OccupyDallas plans to march Sunday in solidarity with Syrian protesters and will be meeting at 4 p.m. in Pioneer Plaza.

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The OccupyDallas movement began Thursday, Oct 6 with a march from Pike Park to the Federal Reserve building. Over 1,000 people gathered to protest corporate greed and money influencing the government. The movement currently has more than 120 members occupying City Hall Park in downtown, with hundreds more joining in daily for marches to various corporations and banks throughout the city. The movement stands in solidarity with similar Occupy movements happening across the nation and the world, including the original Occupy Wall Street protest that featured tens of thousands of marchers and continues to grow.