Occupy Denver: After Politics as Usual with Mayor, A Call To Action

DENVER–(ENEWSPF)–October 19, 2011.  To the people of Denver, the people of Colorado, and the people of the world, we urge you to re-take the power of your voice and stand in solidarity with the people of Occupy Denver.  

After we were evicted from our former site, we now find ourselves re-organizing with a renewed vigor in Civic Center Park.  We will not back down from our demand to occupy, from our demand to have a kitchen serving all those in need, from our demand to have a medic tent, from our demand to offer clean and safe spaces, and from our demand to have a permanent place to create constructive solutions to the problems created by the 1%. We are asking for the ability to have a say over policies and politics that dictate our lives, to create policies and politics that offer us, the 99%, real economic justice and an end to corporate greed. 

After a meeting with Mayor Hancock, we recognize his interest in playing politics as usual with our voice and our freedoms. We will not let this stand and we will continue to exercise our rights to peaceably assemble and to freedom of speech. Occupy Denver is at a crucial turning point at this very moment. We invite, we need, you to come down to Civic Center Park to stand with us in solidarity and exercise the power of your voice. 

If we are to truly represent the 99% of the population of this nation with no voice, we must be 99% of the population. The laborers, the lawyers, the nurses, the bus drivers, the doctors, the retired, the firefighters, the veterans, the stay-at-home moms and dads, the teachers, and even the police. And although each day we wear these labels and these uniforms, each day we ask you to come to the capitol as a person with a voice to stand in solidarity with Occupy Denver and to be heard. The Occupation movement needs all people – Black, White, Brown, Latino, First Nation, and Asian – to show us the way forward. We have a space at our Assemblies for your voices to be heard.

We are not going away – We are stronger than ever! This Saturday we have our next large scale rally, Come stand with us Saturday, Oct. 22nd, from 10am to 11pm for a day of music, speakers, rallies and marches!