Occupy Dartmouth on October 11

MASSACHUSETTS—(ENEWSPF)—October 11, 2011.  Occupy Dartmouth will hold its first demonstration on the Hanover Green from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm EST today in solidarity with the over 100+ Occupy movements around the world, including Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Boston.

While the location and timing of the Occupy Dartmouth demonstration correlates with that of the 2012 Republican Presidential Debate, it must be made abundantly clear that this is not a protest specifically against the Republican Party.  The Occupy movements feature supporters from a wide variety of political affiliations, including Republicans, many or all of whom are disaffected with our political process.  Anyone supporting a single candidate, party, or political ideology does not speak for all of Occupy Dartmouth, nor for any of the Occupy movements.

This demonstration is in part a response to the repeated violations of the occupiers’ First Amendment rights to peaceably assemble, as exemplified by the Boston Police at 1:30 am today, when they beat, tackled, and arrested United States veterans who were peacefully protesting near Boston’s South Station with an estimated 1000 others.

Today’s event was initially organized by members of Students Stand with Staff, a non-partisan group formed to lend student support to both non-unionized and unionized employees of Dartmouth College.Occupy Boston, Occupy New Hampshire, Occupy Vermont – Burlington, Occupy Rutland, Occupy Keene and Occupy Worcester are all in support.

Video, last night’s events:

Video, Occupy Wall Street: