NATO and ISAF Leadership Join President Karzai to Condemn Suicide Attacks Across Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan–(ENEWSPF)–Dec. 6, 2011.  The commander of the International Security Assistance Force and the NATO Senior Civilian Representative in Afghanistan join President Karzai in condemning today’s terrorist attacks in Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif that reportedly killed and wounded dozens of innocent Afghan civilians observing Ashura.  

“An attack against Ashura pilgrims on one of the holiest of days in the Islamic calendar is an attack against Islam itself, and we denounce and condemn these atrocities in the strongest of terms,” said General John R. Allen, commander of the International Security Assistance Force.  “Our prayers and deepest sympathies are with the families and loved ones of those innocent civilians killed or injured in today’s horrific attacks.”

Ambassador Simon Gass, the NATO Senior Civilian Representative in Afghanistan, said, “The attacks today in Afghanistan, on such an important religious day, are horrifying and to be condemned in the strongest possible terms.  That men, women and children, are killed and injured on Ashura is particularly tragic.  Our prayers and condolences are with them all and their family and friends.”

General Allen added, “Just a few days ago, 20 scholars from prestigious Islamic religious centers around the world condemned violence under the name of Islam in Afghanistan and other countries.  This insurgency, which wraps itself in a false veil of Islam, must know that killing innocent pilgrims will spell their own demise.  Once again, I call on Mullah Omar to condemn this grotesque act of terrorism.”