MassUniting/Right to the City to March with Occupy Boston

BOSTON–(ENEWSPF)–October 10, 2011.  In preparation for their march with Occupy Boston today, MassUniting and the Right to the City Alliance released the following advisory to the press early this morning. Occupy Boston stands in solidarity with these groups in their mission to bring reform to Wall Street and to create more good paying jobs, but does not endorse them.

Hundreds are set to march in support of good jobs this afternoon, as the MASSUNITING coalition and national Right to the City Alliance gather in solidarity with #OccupyBoston. The march, which will run from Dewey Square to the Charlestown Bridge, comes on the eve of an expected US Senate vote on the American Jobs Act.

“With so many people out of work, we need action on job creation, and we need it now,” said Jay Chambers, an unemployed ironworker who has been with the #OccupyBoston camp since day one. “We can’t just sit idly by while the politicians in Washington play political games with our jobs and our livelihoods. It’s time to take the fight to the streets.”

The Charlestown Bridge is one of many tunnels, bridges, and highways across the country that have been deemed structurally deficient – and many require considerable work to be brought back into compliance. Repairing these structures is a significant part of President Obama’s American Jobs Act, which would not only bring needed jobs to the Bay State, but would also ensure the safety of all those crossing the bridge.

As proposed, the American Jobs Act would invest upwards of $850.7 million in Massachusetts’ bridges, roads and transit systems – creating at least 11,000 local jobs. The US Senate has scheduled a preliminary vote on the bill for Tuesday.