Congressman George Miller Denounces the GOP Attack on Middle Class Americans

Washington, D.C.—(ENEWSPF)—March 2, 2011.  Piece by piece, the chipping away at the middle class standard of living has been accelerated in recent months.  California Congressman D-George Miller provided a clear understanding on the methods and the architects behind the attacks against American workers as Miller referred to those who are behind these malicious efforts.

“They have asked for no sacrifices of the well-off and the well-connected.  The goal is to take away power from the middle class and give it to the wealthy special interests that have backed Republicans in their elections,” Miller said.

Miller spoke on the House floor this morning denouncing the national campaign against union workers.  A deep-rooted desire for removing hard-fought safeguards in the workplace, decent healthcare, and good wages that help drive our economic engine.

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