AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka Heads to G-20 to Call for Job Creation and Wall Street Reforms

Joins Global Calls for a Speculation Tax on Wall Street to Aid 99%

Washington, DC –(ENEWSPF)–October 31, 2011.  As the G-20 prepares to meet AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka will be in France to participate in the Labour Summit and meet with international leaders on how to solve the global economic crisis.  Global unemployment remains near its record of 205 million, 27 million above its pre-crisis level. In the US alone, 25 million workers are unemployed or looking for full time employment.  Trumka will join the Labour-20 in calling on the G-20 leaders to adopt a plan for jobs and recovery that sustains the recovery and stems the immediate jobs crisis. 

One key part of the plan global leaders will be calling for is a global financial speculation tax.   In the U.S., a tiny tax on financial transactions could raise hundreds of billions in revenue that could fund education and create jobs rebuilding our country, while discouraging speculation and encouraging long-term investment.  Both Warren Buffett and Pete Peterson have urged Congress to consider a financial speculation tax.  At the G-20 meeting, Bill Gates will be making proposals about financing for development.

While international labor leaders push for a speculation tax during the G-20, the AFL-CIO will join working people from the area, participants from Occupy Wall Street and the National Nurses Union at a rally in Washington, DC on November 3 to call on U.S. elected officials to support the global movement for a financial transaction tax to help heal global economies.

Nurses in Cannes will also lead a press conference at the G-20 calling for a financial speculation tax as the prescription to revive an ailing global economy.