Representative Blumenauer: The Clean Power Plan is a Monumental Step Toward Combating Climate Change

Washington, DC–(ENEWSPF)–August 3, 2015.  Today, Representative Earl Blumenauer (OR-03) welcomed the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan as a monumental step to combat climate change. Representative Blumenauer released the following statement:

“Finalizing the Clean Power Plan is a key moment for our country. It is the most important action we have taken to date to combat climate change, and I commend the Obama Administration for setting a bold, but achievable goal for states in curbing their emissions from power plants.

“If you accept modern science, you cannot deny that human carbon emissions are contributing to climate change. If you fight wildfires, farm, run a ski resort, or live in a low-lying coastal area, you are already living with the impacts of this climate change on a daily basis.

“As a major contributor to these changes, the United States has an obligation to set an example and act now to prevent the worst impacts to the vulnerable populations who will suffer the most and contributed the least to climate change. We must act for the fellow creatures that share our planet and for future generations.

“The Clean Power Plan is a monumental step toward this goal. While it is only a first step, I commend this progress and look forward to working with the Administration and with my colleagues in Congress to support and strengthen this rule nationally, and with Oregonians to ensure we meet and exceed these goals here at home.”

Source: www.blumenauer.house.gov

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