Wide Approval for Pope Francis’ Values of Community and Equality

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Washington, DC –-(ENEWSPF)–July 23, 2015 – Today Lake Research Partners released the results of a survey among religious and faith affiliated voters in advance of Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to the U.S.  The survey reveals that the Pope’s vision and message of togetherness, community, inclusion and equality have broad reach and acceptance across the American electorate.  These results come in the midst of an important conversation around creating a family-friendly economic agenda.  

The survey shows that religiously affiliated voters strongly support Pope Francis’ message and values that aim to promote a balanced economy that values all people, encourages equality and acceptance, and prioritizes policies that make families stronger.

The poll revealed that religiously affiliated voters support an agenda that fosters a family-friendly economy and support what the Pope has to say on related policies. Voters stated they will give “a great deal of attention” to what Pope Francis has to say on the topics of workers’ rights and income inequality. 61% of voters strongly support taking steps to end racial discrimination and promote racial justice in our society. 51% of those polled strongly support guaranteeing paid sick time for working people and 46% strongly support making major investments in children and poverty including early education and child health care, even if it means increasing their taxes.

To view the complete findings of the poll, click here.