Drug Policy Alliance: President Obama Makes History by Focusing Country’s Attention on Mass Incarceration and Failed Drug War

Washington, DC—(ENEWSPF)—July 17, 2015. President Obama made history this week by focusing our country’s attention on mass incarceration and the failed drug war.

It was incredibly moving to see the President speak out so passionately this week, at a prison yesterday, at the NAACP conference on Tuesday, and when he announced commutations for 46 people on Monday.

This is a remarkable moment and could be a turning point for fixing our criminal justice system. With the pledge of a second-term U.S. president, it really feels like the wind is in our sails.

But it’s still just a pledge. That’s why we’re stepping up pressure to fundamentally fix our broken criminal justice system, and to stop locking up hundreds of thousands of people for nothing more than a drug law violation. 

Below are some powerful clips, including DPA’s Anthony Papa on CNN, DPA’s Sharda Sekaran on the Huffington Post and more.

Another World Is Possible! No More Drug War!

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