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Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame to Announce 2023 Inductees

Chicago, IL-(ENEWSPF)- The Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame will announce its latest slate of Individual, Organization, and “Friends of the Community” (allies) inductees. This will happen during a press conference on Monday, July 31 at 6:00 at Sidetrack, 3345 N. Halsted, Chicago, IL. Tarrina Dikes, co-chair, and Gary Chichester, Board Emeritus of the Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame, will announce the inductees. We encourage the press to RSVP at [email protected]. A link to the information and pictures of inductees will be sent to all news outlets participating simultaneously. Those not attending the press conference will receive the report the following day.

The Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame invited the community to offer nominations in January. These nominations included individuals, organizations, businesses, and allies. The response was tremendous. A selection committee, comprised of individuals inducted into the Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame, reviewed the slate of 50+ candidates and selected an elite group for induction this year. The induction ceremony with Mayor Brandon Johnson presiding (scheduled) will be on Tuesday, October 3, at the Chicago History Museum.

Chicago is the Home

Chicago is home to the only city-sponsored hall of fame dedicated to LGBT people, organizations, and allies in the United States. The Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame began in 1991 as the Chicago Gay & Lesbian Hall of Fame. Its purpose, then and now, is to honor people and entities nominated by the community. The nominees significantly contributed to the quality of life or well-being of the LGBT community in Chicago. From its founding as the Gay & Lesbian Hall of Fame until 2016, the Hall of Fame relied on support from the City of Chicago.

The city ceased funding the Gay & Lesbian Hall of Fame in 2016 as part of then-mayor Rahm Emanuel’s cost-cutting programs. At that time, we rechristened the organization as the Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame to represent its inclusivity better. Friends of the Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame, a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, supports and maintains the HOF. The City of Chicago does as well.

Goal: To Expand the LGBT Hall of Fame

Since our inception in 1991, our mission has continued to expand. In addition to selecting each year’s new inductees, we devote much of our time serving as the custodian of records for the exemplary inductees we have honored. As time passes, it is our goal to see that we do not forget the achievements of our predecessors.

The first Chicago Gay & Lesbian Hall of Fame ceremony was during Pride Week 1991 at Chicago City Hall. Mayor Richard M. Daley hosted the ceremony. Afterward, photos of the inductees were displayed in City Hall. The Hall of Fame has no physical facility but maintains a website, allowing anyone to visit the Hall of Fame anytime.

For more information about the Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame, visit the organization’s website, or its Facebook page,, and Follow and watch for the latest updates.