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Woman Allegedly Kneed and Bit an Officer: Reports

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- A Park Forest woman allegedly kneed an officer in the groin and bit the same officer’s arm. This was after she reportedly came at another woman with a butcher knife, all as part of a string of events that began with a coin purse at Walmart.

According to the complainant in this incident, alcohol was involved.

Park Forest Police Blotter Reports from January 5 and 6, 2024

Aggravated Battery, Domestic Battery, Aggravated Assault

Police arrested Danielle I. Randle, 29, 420 Winnebago St., Park Forest, on January 5 and charged her with aggravated battery, domestic battery, and aggravated assault. Police also arrested Dvonte C. Batie, 32, 420 Winnebago St., Park Forest, on January 5 and charged him with aggravated battery and resisting.

Police responded to a home on Winnebago Street on January 5 at 10:24 PM to investigate a disturbance report. SouthCom Dispatch told officers that a woman named Danielle was allegedly pulling the complainant’s hair and had a knife, according to the report.

Butcher Knife

When they arrived, the complainant told officers that Danielle I. Randle allegedly had been drinking alcohol and had come at her with a butcher knife, according to police. Police escorted the complainant outside to sit in her car, away from the front door, for safety reasons. Shortly after, a man, later learned to be Dvonte C. Batie, opened the home’s front door. An officer saw a woman, who they learned was Ms. Randle, sitting on the staircase near the front door.

Police asked Mr. Batie what was going on. He allegedly said he had just arrived and didn’t know what was happening.

Two Allegedly Try to Shut Door on Officers

An officer then asked Mr. Batie and Ms. Randle if it was okay for police to enter the residence. Both of them said officers could not enter. Due to the domestic allegations in the initial report from dispatchers, officers began making entry into the home. Both Mr. Batie and Ms. Randle allegedly pushed the door closed on officers, according to police.

One officer stood in the doorway while another was able to get the door open. Mr. Batie then allegedly retaliated with a two-hand shove, striking the officer in the doorway on the right side of her face, according to police. According to the report, this caused that officer to fall back into the other officer.

Alleged Resisting

Police then went to Mr. Batie to place him under arrest. He allegedly “resisted the arrest,” according to the report. Officers eventually placed Mr. Batie into handcuffs and took him to a patrol squad for transport.

During this time, police arrested Ms. Randle.

Report: It started at Walmart.

The complainant said she and Ms. Randle went to Walmart. While there, she asked Ms. Randle to hold her coin purse while she used the restroom. According to the complainant, Ms. Randle was supposed to pay for the items while the complainant was in the restroom.

Once they walked back to their vehicle, the complainant could not find her coin purse, according to police. Ms. Randle allegedly told her she didn’t know where it was.

Once they got home, the complainant found her coin purse under Ms. Randle’s seat, according to police.

An Altercation and Alleged Threats

After this, the complainant spoke with Mr. Batie inside the home and told him about the situation, according to police. While she was speaking with Mr. Batie, Ms. Randle allegedly walked up behind Mr. Batie and began putting her finger on the complainant’s face, poking her, according to police. The complainant said that’s when she allegedly pushed Ms. Randle.

The two reportedly engaged in an altercation. At some point, Ms. Randle allegedly pulled out the complainant’s hair and picked up a butcher knife, according to police. Ms. Randle allegedly held the butcher knife and threatened to stab the complainant, according to police. Ms. Randle also reportedly threatened to kill Mr. Batie, according to police.

At the Park Forest Police Department, Ms. Randall allegedly became very aggressive towards officers. She reportedly called one officer a “d*mb a$$ bitch,” according to the report. Ms. Randall then reportedly told that same officer, “You’re finna get kicked in the jaw, I promise you,” and “I would gladly do it,” according to police.

Allegedly Knees and Bites an Officer

After some time, this officer attempted to approach Ms. Randall to search her. Ms. Randall then allegedly lifted her right leg. The officer stepped back. Ms. Randall reportedly stated, “Come up because I already told you you’re going to get kicked in your sh*t,” according to police.

A short time later, Ms. Randall allegedly got upset with another officer because of her handcuffs. While the other officer held her left arm, Ms. Randall allegedly used her right knee to strike this officer in the groin and bit this officer’s left arm, according to police.


Police gave Kurt T. Saunders, 31, 416 Shabbona Dr., Park Forest, a Cook County citation on January 6, charging him with resisting/obstructing a peace officer. Police responded to a home on Shabbona Drive to investigate a reported domestic battery at 9:23 AM.

Police approached the home and knocked on the front door. They overheard numerous people arguing inside the home. One officer allegedly saw Kurt T. Saunders push a woman, according to the report.

Police entered the home and attempted to detain Mr. Saunders in handcuffs. An officer grabbed Mr. Saunders by the right arm and tried to bring that arm “to the rear of his person,” according to the report. Another officer grabbed Mr. Saunders by the left arm and attempted to do the same.

Allegedly Tensing Arms

Mr. Saunders allegedly began to tense his arms and pull them forward. Police gave Mr. Saunders two additional commands to put his hands behind his back. However, Mr. Saunders allegedly refused to do so while continuing to pull both arms forward, according to police.

Officers eventually secured Mr. Saunders in handcuffs.

Original Complainant Already Gone

Police then spoke with a man who said a woman spent the night at the house. That morning, around 9:10 AM, the man allegedly told the woman she had to leave the home. “An argument ensued,” according to the report.

The woman reportedly began destroying “unspecified property” within the home, according to police.

It was this woman who called the police, officers learned. They also discovered that she already left the area in a vehicle, according to police.

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