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Police Busy Over Four Days: Three Charged With Domestic Battery

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- As the first half of the calendar year concluded, Park Forest Police were unusually busy. These reports, six in all, account for only half a week, four days. Charges include three people charged with domestic battery, one with DUI, and a citation of an animal at large.

The first incident here shows police giving a Park Forest woman a citation charging unlawful display of registration. Police also towed the woman’s car. That might seem unusual for such an alleged offense. However, a sergeant on duty remembered the woman allegedly driving that vehicle “with the same fictitious registration,” according to police.

Park Forest Police Blotter Reports Through June 26, 2023, Part II

First of Four Days: Unlawful Display of Registration

Police arrested Keniara A. Pryor, 40 Hemlock St., Park Forest, on June 23 and issued her citations charging unlawful display of registration and a parking citation charging expired registration in a parking lot.

The police also towed Ms. Pryor’s car.

A Sergeant on duty recalled that police stopped Ms. Pryor on a speeding charge in January 2023 (Incident 23PF01500 ). At that time, Ms. Pryor allegedly drove the same car “with the same fictitious registration,” according to the report.

Second of Four Days: Domestic Battery

Police arrested Aleshia R. McClain, 38, 342 Indianwood Blvd., Park Forest, and charged her with domestic battery on June 24.

Police responded to a domestic incident report in the 300 block of Indianwood Boulevard at 8:18 AM. According to the report, the complainant alleged that Ms. McClain put her hands on his neck “in a choking manner” and took his phone.

The man provided police with a video of the alleged incident on his phone.

Third of Four Days: DUI, Endangering the Life or Health of a Child (2 Counts)

Myia M. Hamler, busy four days for police
Myia M. Hamler. (Photo: PFPD)

Police charged Myia M. Hamler, 29, 427 Ogelsby Ave., Calumet City, on June 25 with operating an uninsured motor vehicle, suspended registration, child restraint violation (2X), illegal transportation of alcoholic liquor, driving under the influence of alcohol, and DUI BrAC > .08. Police also charged Ms. Hamler with one count of reckless driving and two counts of endangering the life or health of a child.

Police: Car Strikes Container Holding Propane Canisters

An officer was parked in a lot of the gas station in the 300 block of Sauk Trail at 4:28 AM. While there, the officer saw a dark blue sedan pulled into the Shell Gas Station parking lot from westbound Sauk Trail. The car proceeded south through the parking lot towards the gas station door. It subsequently struck a metal storage container with propane canisters for sale, according to police.

The report says the car nearly missed striking another white sedan parked at one of the pumps.

Officer Orders Driver To Stop

The officer pulled into the parking lot and saw the vehicle reversing from the container while the driver’s door was open. The driver, later identified as Myia Hamler, then put the car back into Drive and began to accelerate at such a rate that the car’s tires began to spin, according to police.

The officer pulled up along the side of Ms. Hamler’s car and activated the emergency lights on his patrol vehicle. He yelled at Ms. Hamler to stop her vehicle.

Ms. Hamler complied and stopped the car near the gas pumps.

Police: Vehicle Registration Suspended

The officer identified Ms. Hamler’s car as a blue Chevrolet Malibu. A computer inquiry determined that the registration on the car had been suspended on a mandatory insurance violation, according to police.

Police: Driver Asks Officer To Get Her Gas

When the officer approached Ms. Hamler, he asked her what she hit, according to police. Ms. Hamler allegedly responded, stating that she was trying to get gas. She asked the officer to get gas for her, according to police.

Ms. Hamler allegedly told the officer that she was not sure precisely what she hit. She said she was currently lost, according to police.

Ms. Hamler’s Malibu had front end damage along with broken driver and passenger windows, according to police.

Ms. Hamler was initially unable to provide identification to the officer, according to police. She gave the officer her name and date of birth instead of an identification card, according to police.

Report: Two Young Children in Car with No Child Safety Restraint

Ms. Hamler’s two children, ages two and five, were in the backseat of the car, according to police. Neither child was in a child safety restraint, according to police.

Ms. Hamler told the officer and was trying to drive back to Hammond, Indiana. The officer informed her that she was going the wrong way.

Officer Suspects DUI

While speaking with Ms. Hamler, the officer detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her breath, according to police. Ms. Hamler also had bloodshot and glassy eyes, according to the report. The officer asked Ms. Hamler when her last drink was. She allegedly replied, “I just woke up… um, my last drink was probably like, what time is it? It’s like four in the f***ing morning. My last drink was probably 12,” according to the report.

The officer asked Ms. Hamler to perform standardized Field sobriety tests. After the tests, the officer told Ms. Hamler was arresting her on suspicion of DUI.

At the Park Forest Police Department, Ms. Hamler agreed to a breathalyzer test. She submitted a breath sample that yielded a .202 BrAC, according to police.

Fourth of Four Days: Citation: Animal at Large

Police issued a municipal citation charging animal at large to Danielle M. Smallwood, 23, 330 Herndon St., Park Forest, on June 25.

Police responded to an address on Herndon Street at 10:07 PM to investigate a dogfight report. The complainant alleged he walks both of his dogs in his backyard because his neighbor lets their dog run loose with no supervision, according to police.

The man said he had one dog on a leash and left his small dog unleashed that night to roam around his backyard, according to police. He stated his neighbor’s dog was outside. It ran into his backyard, attacking and biting his smaller dog, according to police.

Police: Owner of Loose Dog Says, “How Unfortunate”

The complainant said he yelled for the owner to get their dog, but no one responded, according to police. He told the officer he managed to get his dogs and go inside his own home.

An officer contacted the resident whose dog allegedly roamed free and bit the other dog. The officer told the dog owner, Danielle Smallwood, that her dog was in her neighbor’s backyard and attacked his dog. Ms. Smallwood allegedly said, “How unfortunate,” according to police.

This incident does not mark an arrest but a citation.

Fifth of Four Days: Domestic Battery

Police arrested Devante D. Heard, 27, 3708 River Rd., Hazel Crest, on June 26 and charged him with domestic battery after officers responded to an address in Waverly Ct. regarding a report of domestic battery.

Mr. Heard allegedly grabbed a woman by the neck and pushed her to the ground, leaving noticeable markings on her left bicep and forearm, according to police. While she was on the ground, Mr. Heard allegedly grabbed her by the neck, forcing her to stay on the ground while leaving a mark on the right side of her neck, according to police.

Sixth of Four Days: Domestic Battery

Police arrested James D. Jenkins, 35, 112 Walnut St., Park Forest, on June 26 and charged him with domestic battery after police responded to a home on Walnut Street to investigate a report of domestic battery.

Adult Conversation Becomes Heated

According to the report, Mr. Jenkins and a woman “were having an adult conversation” about issues between the two. The conversation became heated and then physical, according to police. Mr. Jenkins allegedly put both arms around the woman’s shoulders, according to police.

During the struggle, Mr. Jenkins reportedly pulled on her weave and head-butted her using his forehead, according to police. According to the report, the woman attempted to fight back, scratching Mr. Jenkins’s arm and face.

About Police Reports

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Presumption of Innocence

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