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Southwest Suburban Concrete Contractor Named In Consumer Fraud Lawsuit

CHICAGO–(ENEWSPF)–March 24, 2011.  A Southwest Suburban Concrete Contractor has been named in a consumer fraud lawsuit filed by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office on behalf of two Chicago homeowners according to the Office of Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez.

Wieslaw Mizinski of Justice and the owner of Mzinski Concrete, is accused of accepting down payments from the homeowners for work he never completed and then repeatedly ducked the homeowner’s attempts to reach him and collect refunds.

According to the suit, last fall Mizinski agreed to install a patio and demolish a sidewalk for a homeowner in the 5100 Block of South Leamington. At that time he requested a $900 deposit to begin the work.

After beginning excavations, the defendant asked for an additional deposit of $500 saying he needed more money for supplies. She paid him but he never returned to pour the concrete the next day as he had promised. Miziniski also left construction debris strewn about the victim’s backyard.

Over the next several weeks, Mizinski repeatedly failed to return the homeowner’s queries about when he would begin work.

On another occasion, a homeowner in the 7100 Block of South Sawyer hired Mizinski to install a new concrete patio and repair a walkway. She agreed to give him a deposit of $2,000 and he promised to begin the next day.

The defendant never showed up and over the next several weeks the homeowner continued to contact Mizinski on daily basis to inquire about when the work would begin. After failing to return any of her calls the homeowner enlisted a friend who had previously hired Mizinski to phone him and when he answered, patched the victim through on a conference call.

She confronted Mizinski and he promised to begin work the next day but he again failed to appear.

Both victims contacted the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Consumer Fraud Unit. The lawsuit seeks restitution for the victims, to permanently enjoin him from any future violations of the consumer fraud act, and $50,000 in civil penalties.

Cook County residents who have home repair fraud complaints are urged to call the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, Consumer Fraud Hotline, at (312) 603-8700.  The Consumer Fraud Unit may be able to help you recover your losses and prevent other members of the public from falling victim to the same scheme.

Source: statesattorney.org