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Driver Sleeping at Wheel by Tracks Gets DUI: Police Reports

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Four arrests just before June included charges of DUI, felony driving while license revoked, domestic battery, and a man taken into custody on a warrant. The warrant was out of University Park. After police took the man into custody, they turned him over to our neighbors to the south. The DUI charge was to a woman an officer allegedly found sleeping at the wheel by the Canadian National Rail Road tracks.

A driver called in a report of someone sleeping, slumping over the steering wheel on Western Avenue just south of the Canadian National tracks. Dispatch called the officer to that scene after 2:35 AM. According to the report, the driver was asleep, the car was running, and the transmission was in “Drive.”

Park Forest Police Blotter Reports Through May 30, 2023


Police arrested Dushawn L. Mickey, 33, 235 Berry St., Park Forest, on May 23, taking him into custody on a warrant out of University Park on a charge of telephone harassment.

An officer patrolled the 200 block of Berry Street at 10:48 AM, looking for Mr. Mickey. The officer knew of the warrant, according to the report. According to the report, this officer also reviewed several mugshot images of Mr. Mickey before searching for him.

While the officer was in a vacant parking lot at Illinois Street and Indiana Street, he saw a man enter a vehicle and leave the home at 235 Berry Street. The officer confirmed that the man and only occupant of the vehicle was Mr. Mickey. He conducted a U-turn and activated the emergency lights on his patrol vehicle. The vehicle Mr. Mickey was driving pulled into a driveway in the 300 block of Illinois Street. Police took Mr. Mickey into custody without incident.

DUI for Driver Allegedly Sleeping at the Wheel

Alisha I. Robinson, allegedly sleeping at wheel
Alisha I. Robinson. (Photo: PFPD)

Police arrested Alisha I. Robinson, 32, 17559 Sycamore Ave., Country Club Hills, on May 26 and charged her with DUI alcohol, DUI alcohol greater than 0.08 BAC, unlawful transportation of alcohol by a driver, unlawful parking on the roadway, and no proof of insurance.

An officer patrolled at 2:39 AM when he got a call to report to Western Avenue and the Canadian National tracks. According to dispatch, a woman was slumping over in the driver’s seat of her vehicle, sleeping at the wheel.

When the officer showed up, he saw a black 2017 Audi Q3 parked on the left side of the left northbound lane on Western Avenue just south of the CN tracks. The officer parked behind the Audi with his squad’s emergency lights activated. There was no train at the time, and the gates were upward, according to police.

Witness Who Alerted Police to the Incident Departs

An unknown man whose vehicle earlier was behind the Audi pulled away. Before he left, he told the officer through an open window of his car that the Audi had been there for 15 minutes, according to police. The officer approached the Audi to conduct a well-being check on the driver. He found a woman, later identified as Alisha Robinson, who was the only car occupant. She was asleep behind the wheel, according to police.

According to the report, Ms. Robinson had her head tilted back and to the left with her eyes closed and mouth open. There was loud music playing, and the Audi was in “Park” with the engine running, according to police.­

Officer Attempts to Wake Driver

According to the report, the officer saw a clear plastic cup in the center console cupholder containing an unknown beverage. The officer knocked on the driver’s door window several times, yelled “Hello,” and flashed his flashlight at Ms. Robinson to wake her up. Ms. Robinson was sleeping, according to the report.

The officer started shaking the Audi. Ms. Robinson then woke up and put the vehicle in reverse gear, according to police.

The officer asked Ms. Robinson what was going on. Ms. Robinson responded, “Um, I’m going to the, um, I’m going to,” according to police. According to the officer, she said no more at that time.

The officer asked her if she knew where she was, and Ms. Robinson replied, “Where am I going towards Kankakee towards the…” She said this while pointing north towards Olympia Fields, according to police. Ms. Robinson allegedly said, “I’m going towards, I’m going towards, where am I?”

Report: Driver Recalls Her Destination

The officer then asked Ms. Robinson again if she knew where she was, and she did not answer, according to police. She then told the officer she was going to Country Club Hills to her mother’s home and told the officer that she lived in Country Club Hills, according to the report.

According to the report, Ms. Robinson had glossy watery eyes and slurred speech. The officer describes in detail his exchanges with Ms. Robinson. He reports that she often paused in the middle of sentences and repeated similar phrases, according to police.

The officer asked Ms. Robinson to hand him the plastic cup inside the car. The officer smelled the cup which smelled of an alcoholic beverage, according to police. According to the report, Ms. Robinson allegedly told the officer that the cup contained tequila.

Standardized Field Sobriety Tests

The officer told Ms. Robinson that because she had been “drinking and driving and fell asleep at the wheel,” he wanted to check to make sure she was okay to drive. Ms. Robinson agreed and said, “No problem,” according to the report. She exited the Audi, and the officer walked her through the Standardized Field Sobriety Test.

After the test, the officer placed Ms. Robinson under arrest on suspicion of driving while under the influence of alcohol. Ms. Robinson showed a BAC of 0.139, according to police, when the officer administered the breathalyzer test to her at the station.

Felony Driving While License Revoked

Police arrested Vickie R. Wilson, 56, 5624 Walter Ave., Hammond, and issued her citations charging failure to yield at an intersection and operating an uninsured vehicle. Police also charged her with one count of felony driving while license was revoked (class 4).

Officers responded to a called-in report of a traffic accident involving two vehicles at Sauk Trail and Western Avenue at 7:52 PM. One of the six officers at the scene saw a red Dodge SUV parked at the intersection facing eastbound, according to police. A black Mazda sedan was on Western Avenue facing southbound, according to police.

According to the report, one of the officers made contact with the driver of the Mazda, later identified as Vickie Wilson. A relative of Ms. Wilson’s was also in the car.

LEADS Shows Revoked License

The officer conducted a LEADS inquiry. He learned that Ms. Wilson’s driver’s license was revoked, according to police. The officer took Ms. Wilson into custody and transported her to the Park Forest Police Department, according to police. Ms. Wilson allegedly told the officer that she was turning south onto Western Avenue from Sauk Trail at a green light, according to police. She said she thought she had the right-of-way. Ms. Wilson allegedly said she didn’t know she had a revoked license. She told police that she thought she resolved any prior issues, according to the report.

Domestic Battery

Police arrested Jeanna M. Cross, 30, 331 Forest Blvd., Park Forest, on May 29 and charged her with one count of domestic battery. Police responded to a residence in the 300 block of Forest Boulevard. There was a report of a disturbance at 8:20 AM, according to police. The complainant alleged that Ms. Cross “attempted to kill her in the corner of the living room,” according to the report.

Ms. Cross allegedly told police that she did place the complainant in a “sleeper hold,” the report says. She allegedly described it as a “rear naked choke,” according to police. Ms. Cross alleged that the complainant came at her with a knife. The complainant denied this.

About Police Reports

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Presumption of Innocence

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