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Flat Tire and Spare, DUI More Than Three Times Legal Limit: Police

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Police arrested a Park Forest man and charged him with a DUI. The man had a BAC more than three times the legal limit, according to police. His car, parked on Western Avenue, had a flat tire and spare in the trunk. The report said the man allegedly thought the car was out of gas. He held a fuel canister as the officer approached.

Park Forest Police Blotter Report Through January 13, 2024

Violent Offender Registration: NO ARREST

A man entered the Park Forest Police Department on January 10 at 10:04 AM to complete a violent offender registration with an address change. The responding officer discovered the man had previously registered at an address on Indianwood Boulevard currently, according to police.

The man told police he lived at the Indianwood address until Thanksgiving of 2023 and then moved to Chicago Heights. The officer said the man was under arrest as he did not register within five days of his address change as required, according to police.

The officer contacted the Cook County Felony Review Unit and apprised them of the situation. The responding ASA rejected a felony charge as the man came to police independently to register. Furthermore, the ASA could not provide the officer with an exact timeframe for how long the man would have been able to register outside of the specified five days, according to police.

Police released the man without charges.

Two Counts Domestic Battery

Police arrested Alexis R. Oliver, 28, 9 Apple Ln., Park Forest, on January 10, and charged her with two counts of domestic battery.

Police responded to a home on Apple Lane at 11:29 AM regarding a reported domestic incident. Ms. Oliver allegedly slapped a woman and punched a male person at the house in the face, according to police. Then she reportedly bit this person’s chest and hit him again, according to police.

Obstructing Identification

Police arrested Carlisle B. Evans, 52, 207 Early St., Park Forest, on January 10 and charged him with obstructing identification.

An officer responded to North Orchard Drive at 5:19 PM to investigate an accident that had just occurred. The officer spoke with the complainant, who said he and Carlisle Evans were attempting to settle the accident independently. According to the complainant, however, Mr. Evans allegedly became aggressive, so the complainant called the police.

The officer asked Mr. Evans for identification and insurance. Mr. Evans gave the officer a Province Illinois identification card, a.k.a. an Illinois ID. He also gave the officer a picture showing proof of valid insurance.

Police Unable to Find Valid Driver’s License

According to police, the officer was unable to locate a valid Illinois driver’s license for Mr. Evans. Another officer arrived and asked Mr. Evans for his identification. Mr. Evans allegedly provided no further identification, stating he had already given the other officer his ID, according to police.

Police took Mr. Evans into custody.

At the Park Forest Police Department, Mr. Evans allegedly remained uncooperative with officers. Police arrested him illegally, according to police. Mr. Evans reportedly told police he believed his Province allowed him to travel freely, and he did not think he had to have an Illinois driver’s license, according to police.

While going through Mr. Evans’s property, an officer located his Indiana driver’s license. When asked about that, Mr. Evans allegedly said officers did not ask him for his Indiana driver’s license, according to police.

Police discovered that Mr. Evans had a current Park Forest address. According to the report, he also had an expired Illinois driver’s license.

No Bond Warrant

Police arrested James E. Sykes, 49, 361 Neola St., Park Forest, on January 10 and charged him with a no-bond warrant regarding a missed court date.

Mr. Sykes came to the Park Forest Police Department alone at 6:41 PM and asked to speak with an officer. He said his lawyer told him he may have a warrant since he missed his court date, according to police. Mr. Sykes allegedly told police he missed his court date on December 19, 2023, in connection with a DUI case, according to police.

Police took him into custody.

Tyler B. Keith, DUI more than three times legal limit
Tyler B. Keith. (PFPD)

Police arrested Tyler B. Keith, 25, 121 Hemlock St., Park Forest, on January 13 and charged him with driving under the influence (DUI) and DUI BAC over .08.

An officer patrolling at 4:26 AM turned from Westwood Drive north onto Western Avenue. He saw a gray 2021 Nissan Versa with its hazard lights illuminated parked in the left lane, facing south.

A man, later identified as Tyler B Keith, was in the immediate area near the vehicle’s rear, according to police. The officer contacted Mr. Keith, who was standing near the open trunk of the Nissan, holding a fuel canister.

Two Damaged Tires

According to police, the officer saw a damaged tire with the rim in the trunk.

Walking toward the front of the vehicle, the officer saw a spare tire on the car’s front passenger side. The spare also appeared to be damaged as the metal rim was severely bent, according to police.

The officer asked Mr. Keith if he was okay. Mr. Keith said he was and that he had run out of gas.

While speaking with him, the officer detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Mr. Keith’s breath, according to the report. Mr. Keith also allegedly slurred his speech and delayed responses while speaking, according to police. The officer also noted in the report that Mr. Keith allegedly had droopy eyelids with reddish glossy eyes.

Police: Driver Repeats Question

Referring to the damaged tire, the officer asked Mr. Keith what he hit, according to police. Mr. Keith allegedly responded to the officer by repeating the officer’s question.

Asking if he was having a medical emergency, Mr. Keith allegedly replied without hesitation that he was not. He told the officer he was coming from his job. The officer asked where he worked. According to the report, Mr. Keith had difficulty remembering and answering the question.

The officer told Mr. Keith that the gas canister would not fix his issue as his tire was flat. Mr. Keith allegedly told the officer he had a spare tire. The spare was flat, too, the officer told him.

Asking again what Mr. Keith hit, Mr. Keith allegedly replied, “Um, I just hit the um the flat tire about um a few minutes ago,” according to police.

The man allegedly admits he was the driver.

The officer asked Mr. Keith if he was driving the vehicle before stopping it where it was currently positioned. Mr. Keith allegedly replied, “Yeah,” according to police.

The officer asked that Mr. Keith perform Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST). As it was snowing then, the officer asked Mr. Keith if he would perform the tests at the Park Forest Police Department. Mr. Keith allegedly agreed to do so, according to the report. The officer told Mr. Keith that police would need to tow his car as it was disabled, according to police.

Police took Mr. Keith to the police department without handcuffing him, according to the report.

At the station, the officer took Mr. Keith through the SFSTs. After the test, the officer placed him under arrest on suspicion of DUI. Later, at 5:24 AM, Mr. Keith allegedly consented to a breathalyzer test, which indicated his BAC was 0.254. This is more than three times the legal limit of alcohol in the state of Illinois.

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