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South Chicago Heights Woman Charged with Home Invasion

Chiquitta Rivers
Chiquitta Rivers. (Photo: PFPD)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- A South Chicago Heights woman was charged with a home invasion in January after another woman called 911 and said there was a person at her home who had a firearm.

Chiquitta C. Rivers, 27, 190 Interocean Ave., South Chicago Heights, was arrested on January 9 and charged with home invasion after police responded at 10:44 AM to the 300 block of Blackhawk Drive to investigate a report of a domestic battery.

While responding to the call, SouthCom Dispatch told police that the caller said that the alleged suspect had a firearm.

When police arrived, a woman ran out through the front door of the apartment. Two officers secured the rear of the residence. The woman who had run outside stood in the driveway wearing only a shirt screaming, “She tried to kill me,” according to police. Police asked who she was referring to and the woman replied it was her ex-girlfriend, according to police.

Inside the residence, an officer located Chiquitta C. Rivers and ordered her to the ground at gunpoint, according to police. Police handcuffed Ms. Rivers without incident and transported her to the Park Forest Police Department, according to police.

According to the complainant, the two had been in a relationship that ended approximately six months prior to the date of this call. On January 8, 2020, the complainant obtained an emergency order of protection against Ms. Rivers due to previous incidents of Ms. Rivers allegedly harassing the complainant, according to the police.

On the date of this incident, January 9, the complainant was asleep in her bedroom when she heard the front door alarm beep indicating that the door had been opened, according to police. The complainant got out of bed and walked to the living room where she saw Ms. Rivers standing inside the doorway, according to police. The complainant said she felt scared and immediately asked Ms. Rivers what she was doing inside the apartment, according to police.

Ms. Rivers allegedly began walking towards the complainant stating, “I’m going to kill you b***h. You’re going to die,” according to police. The complainant pleaded, “Please don’t kill me,” according to the police. The complainant walked towards Ms. Rivers and Ms. Rivers allegedly pulled out a firearm from her left pocket, according to police.

Ms. Rivers allegedly grabbed the complainant and the two fell onto the couch, according to police. While they were wrestling with each other, Ms. Rivers allegedly had the firearm pressed up against the complainant’s stomach, according to police.

The complainant was on top of Ms. Rivers and said she reached down and grabbed the firearm. She said she was then able to rip the firearm away from Ms. Rivers, according to police.

After the complainant had possession of the firearm she went back inside her bedroom and locked the door, according to police. She told police she didn’t know what to do with the firearm so she put it in a dresser drawer as Ms. Rivers was allegedly attempting to get inside the bedroom, according to police.

Ms. Rivers then allegedly forced open the bedroom door and the complainant exited the bedroom, trying to find her cell phone to call 911, according to police. A second altercation allegedly took place between the two on the couch in the living room as the complainant was trying to call 911, according to police.

The complainant said Ms. Rivers allegedly attempted to stab her with a black plastic comb, according to police.

The complainant then ran away from Ms. Rivers and Park Forest police officers entered the residence as the complainant left, according to police.

Ms. Rivers was transported to the Park Forest Police Department pending further investigation, according to the report.

The complainant said she felt weak and had injuries to her hands and arms, according to police. Park Forest paramedics examined her and she signed a refusal to be transported to the hospital, according to police.

While on the scene, a detective arrived and was assigned to continue the investigation, according to the report.

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Erratum: This story originally said Interocean Avenue was in Chicago Heights per the report. Interocean Avenue is in South Chicago Heights. We regret the error.

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