PSC and GSU Sign New Dual Degree Agreement

PSC GSU signing
Dr. Eric Radtke, president of PSC, and Dr. Elaine Maimon, president of GSU (PHOTO SUPPLIED)

Chicago Heights, IL–(ENEWSPF)– Ready for an educational journey that begins in Chicago Heights and moves to University Park?

Prairie State College (PSC) and Governors State University (GSU) officials signed a new Dual Degree Program agreement at PSC on September 20.

Through the new agreement, students complete their associate degree at PSC and then transfer seamlessly to GSU to complete their bachelor’s degree. Students receive academic advising and transfer planning assistance from both PSC and GSU advisors from the time they start at PSC until they transfer to GSU.

“This is a great initiative, and we are pleased about the work GSU did to create this excellent opportunity for our students,” said Dr. Eric Radtke, president of PSC. “This is a real step forward in building relationships and opportunities for our students.”

Students in the program benefit from the Guaranteed Tuition Plan, which locks in the GSU tuition rate effective from when students begin their freshmen year at PSC through their graduation from GSU four years later.

In addition, PSC students in the Dual Degree Program are eligible to compete for GSU Promise scholarships, which enables qualified, low-income students to complete a bachelor’s degree at GSU debt-free.

“From freshmen year to graduation, this is a very student-centered program,” said Dr. Elaine Maimon, president of GSU. “This signing is the beginning of what will better serve students. We at GSU are behind helping students, and we focus on what is best for them and helping them see the clear pathway.”

Although many students currently transfer from PSC to GSU, this new agreement continues to address the region’s need for a highly educated workforce as well as correlates with the national agenda to increase the number of citizens with degrees.

“What amazes me is how often I hear success stories about students who went to PSC first and completed their education at PSC,” said Dr. Gebejebu Ejigu, executive vice president and chief of staff at GSU. “This agreement will help continue these types of stories.”