Health Care Reform

State from SEIU on President Obama’s Healthcare Summit

Washington, DC–(ENEWSPF)–February 25, 2010.  Today, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) released the statement of Andy Stern after President Obama’s healthcare summit:

“If we learned one thing from today’s summit, it’s that the Republicans have learned nothing.

“For the past year – and indeed, years before that – there has been a national dialogue about our failed health system and the need for serious, meaningful reform that guarantees that insurance companies no longer stand between the American public and they care we need.

“Hundreds of citizens marched into Washington yesterday on behalf of Melanie Shouse, a 41-year old health reform activist who died earlier this month after a long, painful battle with her health insurance company over coverage for the chemotherapy she desperately needed.

“Their message – and the lesson we all should have learned over this past year – is that health insurance reform cannot wait.

“During the Summit, 4,083 more people lost their health insurance. Another 708 filed bankruptcy because of their medical bills. And, thirty five died because they could not afford care.

“By continuing to ignore the reality facing families across our country, the Republicans remain the party of no – abandoning bipartisan ideas and choosing to obstruct in the hope of political gain in the next election.

“It is time for the Democrats to move forward.”

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