Health Care Reform

SEIU – America Can and Must Do Better on Health Care

Washington, D.C.–(ENEWSPF)–September 9, 2009.  SEIU President Andy Stern released the following statement after President Obama’s address to the Joint Session of Congress tonight.

“Everybody knows someone that is at the mercy of America’s broken healthcare system.

“Someone like Pat Dejong from Libby, Montana, who lost her family home after her husband’s medical bills piled up.

“Someone like Roberta Howard, who lost her health insurance after losing her job and was diagnosed with cancer just seven days later.

“Someone like Dan Broderick from Tennessee, who lost his wife Sharon. She had no insurance coverage – she was denied because of a “pre-existing condition”, and then she got cancer.

“All over this country we are witnessing these tragedies every day. And tonight, the President said what we all know is true: America can and must do better.

“President Obama made clear that Pat, Roberta, Dan, and the millions like them across this country are at the heart of this debate. And, they will be the ones we look to when judging whether health insurance reform lives up to its early promise.

“At this very moment, we stand closer than ever before in our nation’s history of making healthcare reform a reality. But the American people are tired of waiting. After months of hearings, hundreds of town halls, and 60 years of debate, it’s time for Congress to show real leadership and vote.

“In sixty days, we expect to be witnessing another historic moment: President Obama signing into law health insurance reform legislation that promises Pat, Roberta, and Dan a new healthcare system. A system driven by patients and the care they need, making that care affordable, and providing that coverage to every American.”