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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness month 2022
It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2022. (PHOTO: VOPF)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- If you walk into Village Hall this month, you’ll notice a lot of pink throughout the lobby. That is because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Village of Park Forest is putting this cause at the forefront to inform residents about the importance of being aware of the various cancers that are out there.

Margaret Lewis, the Assistant Director of Recreation, Parks, and Community Health Department, says she’s a six-year survivor and want other women to know you can beat cancer.

“I just want to get the information out to the residents about the importance of self-breast exams every month are,” Lewis said. “As African-American women, we have a higher rate of death because by the time the cancer tumors are found; they are usually in a later stage which makes them harder to treat.”

Lewis says when people come to Village Hall, they’ll notice a table full of pamphlets about various resources that are out there to help women know where to go and what to do – as it relates to cancer.

“The goal here is to spread the word that early detection and early prevention saves lives,” said Lewis. “If someone is looking for a place to get a mammogram, they can reach out to the American Cancer Society, or they can call me at 708-283-5663, and I can give them some referrals of area centers they can go to.”

Lewis says it is important for people to know that breast cancer is not a death sentence. For more information about where to get a mammogram, click here.

Lewis will be passing out information at her table in the lobby of Village Hall, which is located at 350 Victory Dr., at various hours this week.