Senator Kerry Introduces Line-Item Veto Legislation

WASHINGTON, D.C.—(ENEWSPF)—May 25, 2010. Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.), a longtime champion of a constitutional line-item veto, today introduced the Veto Wasteful Spending and Protect Taxpayers Act to establish a line-item veto which will pass constitutional muster. Senator Kerry first introduced this legislation in 2006.

“The line-item veto isn’t a panacea, but it’s a tool to rein in wasteful spending and it puts lawmakers on notice that the budget will be scrubbed line by line for waste and abuse,” said Sen. Kerry. “I first introduced this legislation in 2006, and now with the White House supporting this initiative I believe we can pass this properly constructed, constitutional line-item veto this year.  I believe that any President, Democrat or Republican, should have this weapon in their holster.  I look forward to working with President Obama to make this proposal a reality”

Senator Kerry’s proposal for a constitutional line-item veto will allow the President to reduce pork barrel spending and save taxpayers billions of dollars.  Under Kerry’s plan the President will be given the power to identify wasteful items in spending and tax legislation and submit changes to Congress to act on in an up-or-down vote. This plan is very similar to the proposal announced by the White House, though Senator Kerry’s proposal is not limited to discretionary spending.