Representative Blumenauer Statement on Iran Nuclear Deal

Washington, DC –-(ENEWSPF)–July 14, 2015.  Today, Representative Earl Blumenauer (OR-03) released the following statement on the nuclear deal reached by Iran and the P5+1.

“This agreement is an historic achievement. Three years ago, it was hard to imagine an Iran capable of coming to, and staying, at the negotiating table to make these concessions. Iran has consistently adhered to the Joint Plan of Action, and it appears the agreement aligns with April’s framework. We now have a path to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran that would unravel what little stability remains in the Middle East.

“No matter the substance, there will be a great deal of controversy over any agreement in the United States, Iran, and amongst our allies. I will withhold judgment until I’ve had time to look at the facts and compare them to the alternatives. My hope is that the majority of my colleagues, and the American public, do the same.

“As we all carefully assess this agreement, we must remember that measuring the framework against the unobtainable is likely to exhaust the patience of countries like China, India, and members of the European Union that have been critical members of the international effort to sanction and isolate Iran. Such a fracture would be devastating because we’ve tried the go-it-alone approach with sanctions and it didn’t work. We must also compare any agreement to the alternatives. The American public has made clear they will not likely support another military engagement in the Middle East. Even if money were no object, there is no amount of U.S. troops, bombs and military acumen that could guarantee an Iran free of nuclear weapons. That’s a gamble we should not be willing to take.”


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