Four October2011 Occupation Protesters Arrested at Dirksen Senate Office Building, Oct. 11, 2011

Washington, DC—(ENEWSPF)—October 11, 2011.  Today at the Dirksen Senate Office Building, members of the October2011 Movement disrupted a Senate Finance Committee Meeting on Senate Bills 1641, 1642, and 1643.  These are bills on so-called free trade agreements with Colombia, Korea, and Panama that will spell further loss of jobs for American workers.  These bills represent trade deals that will benefit multinational corporations but kill U.S. jobs.

Four protesters were arrested:  Carol Gay, David Swanson, Karen Boyer, and the ubiquitous Shepherd. The protesters were speaking out on behalf of human rights in Colombia, where union activists have faced brutal repression for organizing on behalf of Colombian workers.

Such trade agreements aren’t “free.”  There is a cost, borne both by American workers who lose their jobs and by foreign workers who are exploited for corporate profit.  The latter work in often terrible conditions while the business leaders who employ them rake in huge amounts of money.

The October2011 Movement, which has been occupying Freedom Plaza since October 6th, stands with the workers of this country and the world and against corporate exploitation.