100 Years in 10 Minutes (1911 – 2011 in 10 Minute Video)

Compilation of the last 100 years.

Some important events are missing (juri gagarin, martin luther king, and some more…) in a few weeks i revise this video and add some events. 

Summer and Fall at Prairie State College

To not blow up the time frame, i had to leave out some more or less important events, i want to show. 

Exclusive original recordings, except for ”14.Apr.1912 Sinking of Titanic”(movie) and ”31.Oct.1952 Explosion of the first hydrogen bomb (another explosion and not Ivy Mike)

1.Track: Hans Zimmer – Dark Knight – End Credits
2.Track: Hans Zimmer – Inception – The Dream Is Collapsing
3.Track: Hans Zimmer – Last Samurai – Final Charge
4.Track: Hans Zimmer – PoC Am Ende der Welt – One Day

Courtesy Enjoy!

Summer and Fall at Prairie State College