Haiti and Chile Earthquakes

Magnitute 6.6 Afterscock Rocks Chile

CHILE–(ENEWSPF)–March 5, 2010.  This morning, a magnitude 6.6 aftershock, the most powerful aftershock in six days, sent terrified Chileans into the streets  and forced doctors to evacuate some patients from major hospitals.

The powerful aftershock hit at 6:47 AM (EST) 20 miles north of Concepcion, Chile.  It was reported that the aftershock rattled buildings for nearly a minute.

According to Dr. Patricia Correa, who oversees a hospital’s emergency ward impacted by the aftershock, the five-story building ‘is on the point of collapsing.”

Chilean officals continue to try to determine the death toll from the magnitude 8.8 earthquake and tsunamis that hit last Saturday.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon arrived in Santiago today promising support for Chile.  According to Chile’s UN Ambassador Munoz, it is estimated that reconstruction “will cost Chile about $30 billion.”


Source: CNN and US Geological Survey