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Underground Shoppers Of Park Forest

Country Squire grande opening with spotlights, underground shoppers
Country Squire at its grande opening. (Gary Kopycinski)

Underground shoppers of Park Forest. Are you here?

Are you one, who, despite all odds and commentary and criticism otherwise, shops Park Forest First?

I know you’re there.

I know your there shopping at our one and only grocery store, Country Squire Foods. They may not have been smart enough to buy an ad yet on eNews Park Forest, but they are our one, and only, grocery store, in town.

Do you shop there?

(Here come the complainers. Here come all who lived, i.e. no longer live, in Park Forest. Here come the pseudo-experts who are going to tell us why another business in Park Forest is destined to fail.)

Yes, Country Squire Foods in Park Forest does not compare YET with Country Squire Foods in Chicago Heights.

But the other store, the one in Chicago Heights, has had some time to establish itself. On a street that is busier than South Orchard Drive.

But that does not mean that the store on South Orchard Drive will fail.

Is destined to fail.

Or, in all likelihood, will simply perform less.

It takes a village to keep a business.

It takes you, Park Forest.

Park Foresters.

Did you know that there are actually people in Park Forest who shop Park Forest first?

I’m going to take a risk a tell you that my friend, my neighbor, Will Steppes, is one of these people.

Will emailed me when Country Squire had to close temporarily.


Because Will shops Park Forest First.

Did you know that there are people who shop Park Forest First?

Did you know that there are people who realize that shopping Park Forest First lowers all of our taxes.

Did you know?

Do you want to join those who shop Park Forest first?

Did you know we have a music store in our DownTown?

Do you need guitar strings?

Did you know you could buy them there?


There are those who believe that Park Forest is destined to fail.

They do not shop Park Forest.




They simply denigrate Park Forest, and Park Foresters, online, in social media.

Because we shop Park Forest.


Park Forest, you are destined to succeed.

Embrace your future.

Embrace your businesses.

And watch them grow.

Forget all those who try to be prophets of doom.

Become one of the underground shoppers of Park Forest, one of those who, first, shops locally (by checking the eNews Park Forest business directory).

Park Forest, you are destined to succeed.

Yes. You. Are.

Gary Kopycinski is editor and publisher of eNews Park Forest. Follow him on Twitter at @GaryKopycinski and on Facebook at, or email him at [email protected]. He served as a village trustee in Park Forest from 2003-2006, and then again from 2007-2015. eNews Park Forest, Inc. is an independent media company and is not affiliated with the Village of Park Forest in any way.