We Are One: Sign Petition Showing Solidarity; Keep Fighting Back (Video Commentary)

Video Commentary
From the United Steelworkers

Workers everywhere are under attack. It’s time to fight back.

The incredible show of solidarity in Wisconsin has inspired all 14 Democratic members of the Wisconsin state Senate to leave in protest, indefinitely delaying a vote on Gov. Scott Walker’s anti-worker bill. And Republicans are starting to waver. Democrats in Indiana also protested so-called "Right to Work" union-busting legislation there, and now the Republican governor is signaling retreat. 

In Wisconsin, in Indiana, in Ohio…every where the middle class is under attack, USW members and leaders have been there to fight back. 

This is the kind of strength it takes to win. We need to make our voices heard whenever and wherever attacks occur, in Wisconsin and in our own states. Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, in your state. Click here to sign our petition showing solidarity, then watch this amazing video from Wisconsin and pass it on.