SEIU’s Saenz to Boehner: ‘Republicans Have a Choice: Pander or Pass Immigration Reform’

WASHINGTON, DC–(ENEWSPF)–February 6, 2014.  Following Speaker John Boehner’s press conference today, the Service Employees International Union’s (SEIU) Executive Vice President Rocio Saenz responded to his remarks on the future of immigration reform:

“Today, Speaker John Boehner reminded us how his party continues to test the patience of American voters, showing particular disdain for the views of Latino, Asian and young voters. Time and again, our country has expressed its support for commonsense immigration reform with an earned path to citizenship. The urgency to pass reform has never been louder, the moral crisis caused by our broken immigration system has never been starker, and the bipartisan support has never been clearer.

“While we laud his commitment to ‘get it done,’ it’s time to stop putting up roadblocks or making excuses for inaction. Republicans have a choice: they can pander to a small, extremist arm of the GOP and follow them into the political wilderness or they can do the right thing for our nation and pass immigration reform.

“The bottom line is that the majority of Americans are trusting Congress to do their job and work across party lines to make commonsense immigration reform a reality this year.”