Republicans Campaign by Litigation Nationwide


The G.O.P. is unveiling a new campaign tactic for the fall elections: litigation.

They haven’t got a snowball’s chance in a September Washington of winning these cases.

From, and the people have who repeatedly insist that Barack Obama is of the Muslim faith born outside the United States:

House Republicans have found an inventive way to hit back against the Democratic attacks coming their way: calling in their lawyers.

In Ohio, Republican Jim Renacci is suing the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees for airing a TV ad his campaign called false and defamatory. Lawyers for Bill Flores, who’s challenging Texas Rep. Chet Edwards, have called on the Democrat to pull an ad portraying Flores as responsible for more than 3,000 job losses. In Ohio, Republican Bob Gibbs filed a complaint with the state Elections Commission after Democratic Rep. Zack Space launched a TV ad calling him a tax-raiser.

For Republicans, taking the legal route has turned into something of a routine against a Democratic Party that, facing a perilous political environment, is expected to put its financial advantage to use in an eight-week media blitz designed to destroy their GOP foes.

And with eight weeks until Election Day, Republicans are signaling that more legal moves are to come.

When you can’t beat ’em, sue ’em?