Penn State Students Riot to Defend Paterno’s Right to Cover Up Pedophilia

Why did Penn State students riot last night?

They’ll have to ask themselves that question as they nurture their hangovers this morning. And every future morning they act selfishly and stupidly.

From the Chicago Tribune:

So what were the Penn State students possibly thinking as they rioted all over campus and tipped over cars and a satellite truck? When will they realize, after the buzz wears off and sobering reality sinks in, that they were defending the right to cover up pedophilia? As much as they love JoePa, that’s the harsh reality.

Woody Hayes threw a punch. Bob Knight threw a chair. But in 10 years or so we will remember Paterno as much as anything for the alleged molestation he enabled that made us want to throw up. He always can be referred to as a great football coach. But I still cringed hearing loyal ex-players refer to Paterno as a great man.

Penn State students were defending Joe Paterno’s right to cover up pedophilia.

It’s just that, kids. Simmer on that with your morning brew.