Earthjustice: President Obama Delivers on Decisive Climate Action

Statement and resources from Earthjustice on the Clean Power Plan

Wind turbine installation in Tennessee.

A wind turbine installation in Tennessee. The Clean Power Plan lays the foundation for a transformational shift to clean energy. TN Valley Infrastructure Group via NREL

Washington, D.C. —(ENEWSPF)–August 3, 2015.  In a year that scientists are predicting to be the warmest in history, this was a historic afternoon as President Obama took the biggest action any president has ever taken to tackle our climate crisis. His Clean Power Plan creates the first-ever limits on carbon pollution from power plants, the biggest carbon polluters in the U.S. More profoundly, it lays the foundation for a transformational shift to clean energy and healthier communities.

In June 2013, President Obama delivered a landmark speech on climate change. He invited us to look at our history, to stop betting against American industry and American workers and to stand up to those who say we must choose between the health of our children and the health of our economy. Then he revealed his plan for decisive action on climate change.

Since that speech over 400,000 people marched the streets of New York City to demand climate action, 8.7 million comments were submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency in support of reducing carbon pollution, and Pope Francis released a historic call to the world on our moral obligation to act on climate change.

Our country now shows overwhelming support for meaningful climate action as recent polls confirmed that 78% of us believe the federal government should limit greenhouse gases from U.S businesses.

The Clean Power Plan now compels our power sector to look to the future at last, and start reducing its unsustainable carbon footprint. Essentially, it is a blueprint for states to lead the change already underway by embracing clean energy solutions like wind and solar power to replace dirty coal.

In appreciation of this announcement, Earthjustice issued the following statement from our President Trip Van Noppen:

“We can no longer ignore the gravest challenge facing humanity today. Our climate crisis is not just an environmental problem—it is a human rights issue that impacts all of us, here and now.

“Polluters are using billions in dirty energy profits to rig our democracy against public health protections and clean energy solutions to this climate crisis. We must break this stranglehold by putting people, not oil and coal companies, back in charge.

“Thanks to President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, every state in the country now has a platform to lead change, create local jobs, stronger communities and a safer climate.

“Earthjustice applauds President Obama and the EPA for their leadership in a climate fight that matters powerfully to every one of us.”

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Resources and Multimedia

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