Audubon: Congressional Sea Change Needn’t Swamp Environmental Progress

NEW YORK–(ENEWSPF)–November 3, 2010.  National Audubon Society President & CEO David Yarnold Urges Bipartisan Cooperation to Protect the Environment.

“Americans may have voted for change in Congress, but no one voted to increase pollution.

“Senators should use their lame duck session to dedicate Clean Water Act fines paid by BP to the immediate restoration of America’s Gulf Coast.  After reporting a 1.8 billion dollar profit for the last quarter, BP cannot be allowed to stick taxpayers with the bill for its disaster.  Senators can also ensure that the Land and Water Conservation Fund receives full funding.  These vital steps will demonstrate bipartisan cooperation at a time when it is needed more than ever.

“The new Congress can also realistically defend America from the risk of diminished air quality by opposing efforts to block EPA enforcement of the Clean Air Act.

“Passage of a nationwide renewable energy standard can still fuel new cooperation after the new Congress convenes in January.  Other climate legislation may face a tough road ahead, but a nationwide renewable energy standard that puts us on a clean energy path can still make a dent in our energy use and climate-altering emissions.

“Audubon stands ready to respond by focusing conservation and environmental protection efforts at the state, community and individual level.  The election of 2010 brought a sea change to Congress, but our grassroots supporters are committed to ensuring it doesn’t swamp the chances for progress toward a healthy planet for birds, wildlife and people everywhere.”